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Latest news

New West Sussex Veterinary Surgery

New West Sussex Veterinary Surgery
Our new Horsham veterinary practice offers a comprehensive range of amenities, with state of the art equipment in a beautiful location.
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Heads Spin to Find History of Mill

Heads Spin to Find History of Mill
Before Warnham Mill opens its doors, the company is keen to uncover the building’s lost history
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Veterinary Surgery turns wheels at Warnham Mill

Veterinary Surgery turns wheels at Warnham Mill
On Friday 7th June, the esteemed Warnham Mill will be put back to work as Warnham Mill Veterinary Surgery opens its doors.
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Probably the best work experience in the UK!

Probably the best work experience in the UK!
One local company is fighting back against this stereotype and ensuring that the students that visit them have probably the best placement i…
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Opening hours

Warnham Mill (Horsham)
Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm

Free Nurse Clinics


At Warnham Mill, we want to give your pets the best care and attention. From tips on teeth to weight worries and even standard flea treatments, the free check-ups that we offer allow us to keep an extra eye on your pet.

These check-ups are merely an addition to our standard services, which includes microchipping and vaccinations.

Post Op Checks

Anyone who undergoes an operations needs a lot of love and care when recovering and this is true for pets too, which is why, at Warnham Mill, we are on call to provide any animal with exactly what they need for a speedy recovery. We can pick up on any warning signs, minimising the risk of infection.

In addition, we will keep a close check on their progress following the anaesthetic as well as monitoring their nutrition levels. Owners too need love and care through this anxious time so this is also a chance for you to ask any questions about anything which may be worrying you.

Weight Clinics

Obesity in humans is well-publicised but it is just as important to keep an eye on your pet’s weight, which is why we hold regular weight clinics. Monitoring your pet’s weight regularly allows us to spot any serious changes, which could indicate an illness of some kind. We can also advise you on the right diet for your pet, always keeping in mind that every animal has its own natural weight – just as we humans do.

Senior Pet Clinics

Ageing animals need an extra helping hand, as do their owners. With the right care, there is no reason why older animals can’t still lead a perfectly normal life. Cats and dogs are referred to as seniors from around 8 to 9 years old. When they reach this milestone, it is important for us to see them regularly to watch out for any early signs of disease.The sooner we catch it, the sooner we can start treatment.

The clinic also allows us to implement an individualised treatment plan for your pet and be on hand to answer any of your concerns regarding caring for your elderly animal at home.

Dental Clinics

Making sure your pet’s oral health remains in tip top condition is incredibly important, which is why we like to monitor their teeth and gums on a regular basis, in order to detect any signs of gum disease. Once your dog or cat is over three or five years of age respectively, they are eligible for our dental check-ups.

Diabetic Clinics

These sessions allow us to closely monitor those pets who suffer from this disease, advising on their diet as well as offering support to owners. We realise it can be quite concerning so please feel free to ask us anything.

Worming and flea treatment

Worms and fleas are real pests for pet owners but at Warnham Mill, we can advise on the best treatment available. Once we have secured the best plan for your pet, we can get you booked in to send those little beasts on their merry way.

Juvenile clinics

All puppies and kittens need a little boost as they begin to discover the big wide world. It is essential to be one step ahead when they are young so to make things easier for you, the owner, we provide 6 monthly check-ups. This gives us a chance to check on their progress as they grow, for example teeth and weight.

Make sure you use this time for yourself as well; we are happy to answer any queries you may have about looking after the little rascals.


For those owners whose animals are particularly sensitive to the loud noises, fireworks can be cause for great concern. Whilst firework displays are most common in the last three months of the year, they can take place all year round so it is advisable to continue with your calming programme. There are a lot of different calming solutions and we are always here to help you choose the best one.